about The Five Rings Martial Arts

Self Protection and Personal Development. 

We are a Martial Arts club based in Raheny, Dublin. Our focus is on Self Protection and Personal Development. 

Realistic and effective combat skills are at the heart of what we do, but we are about much more than just self defence.

In a busy world where life is hectic and we are always in demand, we aim to provide a space where you can take time to leave the troubles of the real world outside; A space where you can have a good time, build your strength, stamina and fitness and learn the skills to protect yourself and your family.

We are members of the Amateur Martial Arts Association and fully insured. 

The Five Rings Philosophy

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Inspired by Miyamoto Musashi’s famous book of strategy, the Five Rings Philosophy is a holistic approach to training and a metaphor for personal growth.

The Five Rings overview:

  1. Earth: The physical foundation of the student, who must be strong, grounded and conditioned in body and mind, and have strong awareness of their environment.
  2. Water: The development of skill and adaptability. The student’s learning and development of the tools, principles and concepts required to succeed.
  3. Fire: The application of learning in combat, engaging the opponent and overcoming challenges.
  4. Air: The knowledge of the opponent, their strengths, weaknesses and strategies; and the passing on of a student’s knowledge and skill to others.
  5. Void: The absence of ‘mind’ and pre-conceived ideas, being fully present in the moment and focused on the challenge at hand with full awareness.

Our Style

Enlightened Fist Way Kung Fu

Founded by the late Grandmaster John Waumsley (1956-2020) in 1980, Enlightened Fist was developed to be a realistic combative martial art. GM Waumsley had an extensive background and training in traditional Chinese Martial Arts, including Fung Sau (Hand of the Wind), Lung Wushu Tong and Fon Yang Quan Chen.

After the passing of his Sifu (Teacher), GM Waumsley founded his own school and developed the Enlightened Fist system as a means of modern self-defence for today’s world.

The system consists of striking, trapping, grappling, weapons and internal training to develop well-rounded martial artists.

The underpinning philosophy of the art and the prime directive: “The defence MUST suit the attack… Not the attack suit the defence!”

 What we teach:


Grandmaster J. Waumsley teaching in1980

Kyle Hargreaves,
Master Instructor

Kyle is the Founder of The Five Rings Martial Arts. He has been training and teaching in martial arts for over 20 years, specialising in functional self defence and personal development. 

He is a Master Black Belt Instructor in Kung Fu and also a 5th Dan Black Belt in Japanese Ju-Jitsu. He has also spent time training in a number of other arts over the years, including Karate, Tai Chi, Chow Gar Southern Mantis and Kali.

Kyle is down to Earth and likes to maintain a relaxed teaching environment,  however he is not afraid to push you when he needs to! While he takes the training very seriously, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always open to continual learning and personal development. 

As well as having over two decades of Martial Arts experience, Kyle is also a certified life coach, master practitioner of NLP and holistic lifestyle coach.