Membership and Pricing

Membership info and class fees


After completing a trial period / starter course, new students will be required to pay an annual membership and insurance fee of EUR 35.00 to continue training with us. Each member is required by our provider (the Amateur Martial Arts Association) to have their own member to member insurance cover.

Class fees are paid on a monthly subscription basis, to  be paid on the first class each month. Fees are based on a 48 week year to allow for holiday periods

1x class per week = €50.00 per month (€12.50 per class)

2x classes per week = €80.00 per month (€10.00  per class)

Single additional session (if you have 1x per week membership) = €12.50

New starter course (4 weeks training for new starters) = €35.00


Training T-Shirts: €15:00


Grading Fees (includes belt and certification): €20.00

Black Belt Grades: €50.00